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Free Tools for Office 365 Groups Administration and Governance

Office 365 Groups Administration
Office 365 Groups Administration Made Easy
Office 365 Groups are a mess!
I have locked down Office 365 Groups as they are getting out of control.
I don't want to touch Office 365 Groups. They are a nightmare to manage.

I come across this in the industry quite often, and indeed Office 365 Groups Administration quite messy and many people struggle with them. If you don't believe me, check out these tweets below.

Enough said!

Office 365 Groups Administration is hard. We even have many 3rd party apps prop-up to solve the Office 365 Administration and Governance. Not bad. However, many organisations are not ready to spend more money on fixing issues caused by the relatively new roll out of Office 365.

So I have put together a free online course on how to use out of the box administration and governance capabilities of Office 365 to solve the issues with Office 365 groups and bring some order to the madness. I recommend you take this approach before bolting on another 3rd party tool to fix Office 365.

Office 365 Groups Administration and Governance in 5 steps

Here are the five steps to make Office 365 Administration easy.

  • Step 1: Prepare a list of all Office 365 Groups
  • Step 2: Clean-up unused or duplicate groups
  • Step 3: Setup governance for new groups
  • Step 4: Get Insights and share
  • Step 5: Archive old groups

In the initial MVP course launch, I have put together a planning worksheet to help you take count of existing Office 365 Groups. Go ahead, sign-up to the course and download the worksheet.

Sign-up to the Free Course at the Modern Work Academy!

I will be adding more tools (worksheets, scripts etc.) and guidance to the course in the coming weeks and months. Sign-up to the course using the above link and tell me what you want to cover in the course.

- Jag Kakarlapudi

This post is first published here at Modern Work Academy blog on 02-Sep-2018.

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